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Photo Gallery




Original Building 1920s


Original Building 1930s




Just Towering Stone Walls- 1969



First Gables


Dr Hugel On The Roof

(no contractors, no safety rope)


North Wing Roof Goes on


Dr and Mrs Hard At Work

and The Stone Barn Castle, after 30 years of hard work


more pics coming soon…

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  1. Hot Lips permalink

    Love the new site. I miss you and the SBC!!!


  2. Sharon J, Pratt permalink

    I went there for picnics with my family, when I was young. Does Adrian Brody still own it? I know he purchased it for his girlfriend, but know they aren’t together. Who got the castle? I drive by every week-end, hoping to see more of the castle. They leave it grown up around the outer area. I have a large picture of the castle in my workout room.

  3. Judy Sargent permalink

    Going to a lecture, about the Stone Barn Castle, by Gary Comins, put on by the Cleveland Historical Society August 8, 2013, at 7:00PM at St. James Church in Cleveland, NY.

  4. Jane permalink

    Does Adrien Brody still visit the Stone Barn Castle since the breakup with his girlfriend?

  5. mlaiuppa permalink

    Thanks for the photos. I’d love to see interior shots.

    Came here from IMDB. Thanks for the link and the info.

    • I’ll see about putting up more photos! We have thousands, it’s just a question of rooting them out and getting them scanned…

  6. Michael Goehle permalink

    Was there a public restaurant at the castle during the late 1970s-1980s? I was just a kid but vaguely remember my parents taking me to a restaurant there around that time.

  7. Patricia volcko permalink

    Used to bring my sons and nieces up there for th Halloween hunt that they put on for adults and children of all ages… much fun that the kids are interested in bringing their children for a visit, it must of made a good impression and I know they found it fun and interesting ! Also the Easter Egg Hunt…….many fond memories, I myself LOVE CASTLES, Heart Island is my favorite, we try to visit every year!

  8. Jeffrey Brown permalink

    My grandmother had a camp in Cleveland. She would take us blueberry picking and we ended up at the Castle a couple times. It was in ruins then. I remember a giant disc hanging from a wall. I would have been 4 or 5 years old.

  9. Phyllis Delia permalink

    About 1980, my husband and I, and our 3 kids use to live upstairs from the Antique Shop in Cleveland. I even worked part time in the Antique Shop. Our last name was Killius at the time. We loved having the lake in our backyard and the little Post Office right across the street!
    At that time, we were invited to the Stone Barn Castle for a Pig Roast! It was interesting and so much fun! From the inside, you could look up and see the stars at night! The castle was amazing!

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